Dara Bryant, LMT #18267
Massage Therapy for All Bodies



I truly believe that our societal makeup in the US can create an unhealthy physical and emotional environment: we glorify stress and maintain a constant level of frenetic activity. We reward those who don't care for themselves, go to work sick, and push themselves beyond reasonable limits under the guise of "work hard, play hard" and "no pain, no gain." What we don't do is allow the body to rest. This has led us as a society to overload our nervous systems and in turn physical/emotional systems while invalidating emotional as well as physical signs that we are unwell. Our social system benefits a medical industry focused on disease and symptom management, without providing the means for daily full-body wellness through prevention and maintenance. As a massage therapist, my number one goal with each client is to find what will help them ratchet down their nervous system to find a balance so that healing can happen. Wellness can become central to their life. I am here to support those balanced choices through manual therapy.